Guangdong yue feng environmental testing technology co., LTD. Is a national metrology accreditation, has the independent legal person status of a third party environment detects the professional services firm, issue the test report has the force of law. At present, the company's services include: water and waste water (including precipitation). Air and exhaust gas, indoor air, noise, soil, solid waste and electromagnetic radiation, etc.
Company existing staff of more than 1, testing and technical personnel have the global well-known university bachelor degree or above, including three senior title of professional engineers, intermediate title engineer five. Recently organized staff to participate in the environmental monitoring center of guangdong province and other units of the gas stations and oil depots, oil and gas recovery engineering environment monitoring technology training ", "the stench pollution detection technology training", "training course of quality management system", "environmental monitoring and practical technology and quality control technology training", "training course of quality management system", "environmental monitoring and practical technology and quality control technology training course" such as training, has obtained the certificate of quality; Eight people participated in the certification and accreditation association of guangdong province "lab aptitude training" internal assessors and internal audit certificate. Through intensive study and training, the company's comprehensive business ability is increased rapidly, as to the society from all walks of life provides a scientific, standardized, high quality, efficient environment detection technology service laid a good foundation. The company introduced a system of social environment monitoring institutions for the record, the company is pleased to be through the record of professional testing institutions.
We have industry experts consultant team, wholeheartedly for all levels of government departments, enterprises, institutions and individuals from all walks of life to provide one-on-one professional advisory services, to provide environmental consulting and a set of environmental pollution detection and governance.
We wholeheartedly committed to the continuous improvement of the local environmental protection and environmental causes, or to increase local tax revenue, which has good social benefits. Looking forward to the future, we will always keep his commitment to social responsibility, adhering to the "scientific method, the data are accurate and practical justice, excellent service" the management policy, an active part in environmental consulting and environmental testing in the industry, to regulate the behavior of, accurate data, feasible technical service for the society to provide high-quality consulting and testing services, is committed to serve the cause of environmental protection to become a, respected by the industry, continuously for customers trust industry leading enterprises.
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